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I still don't know how you would decide when to use my battery power, how would reimburse me for what you use ? how would I monitor what you are doing ? is the $180 guaranteed for the availability of my battery?

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Hi Stephanie,


Thanks for your questions. I will try my best to answer them one by one.


Your question: How you would decide when to use my battery power?

Answer: How your battery is remotely managed depends on the circumstances at the time. It's based on the best way we think can help take pressure off the grid.


Sometimes we’ll discharge energy from your battery and power your home. Any leftover energy will be supplied to the grid and you’ll receive your AGL feed-in tariff as per your AGL electricity plan.


Other times, we’ll either charge your battery from your solar system, or charge it from the grid (and you’ll pay your usual grid rate). There may also be times when we just hold your battery’s charge steady.


Your question: How would reimburse me for what you use ?

Answer: Customers on our 'Bring Your Own Battery' plan get $45 in credits per quarter and one-off $100 sign-up bonus towards your AGL electricity bill over your first 12 months. That's on top of any other benefits your current electricity plan offers and the AGL solar feed-in tariff you get when you supply energy back to the grid. 


Your question: How would I monitor what you are doing?

Answer: Customers who join AGL's Virtual Power Plant are able to track how many times energy from their battery has been shared as part of the VPP in the AGL Energy app and AGL's My Account web portal. 


Your question: Is the $180 guaranteed for the availability of my battery?

Answer: Yes, when you sign up to the 'Bring Your Own Battery' plan the $100 one-off sign-up bonus and the ongoing credits (equivalent to $180 a year) are credited to your AGL electricity bill, regardless of how many times your battery participates in the VPP.


Hope that helps.




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Can anyone confirm if the credit received for signing up to the VPP  can be paid out similar to feed in tariff.

It seems odd that it may not be the case.  Why would sign up I if I am perpetually in credit as a solar/battery user already? What's the incentive?

Thanks for any response


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Hi Kate


Thanks for your question.


Yes, the credits you receive on your AGL electricity bill for participating in AGL's VPP can be refunded. To arrange a refund you will need to contact AGL via your preferred channel on www.agl.com.au/contact-us.