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2 weeks ago

Re: VPP Installation delay and lack of information

Hi @LetThereBeLight Thanks again for your solar battery purchase. We sincerely apologise for the delay. Our team is working hard to ensure your solar battery is installed as soon as possible, but due to the challenges posed by COVID-19, it’s meant we're experiencing longer than anticipated wait times. Please send your contact details to batterysupport@agl.com.au and we will contact you regarding your solar battery installation. We look forward to supporting you on your renewable energy j ...
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BrendanW AGL Idea Moderator

Re: Battery flows

Hi Peter, thanks for your question. The VPP occasionally tops up your solar battery’s charge from the grid when it is forecast that there will be grid instability. When we manage your solar battery you will see small increases to your bill - but never more than $50 (GST incl.) every 12 months. You can monitor this impact, including the costs from charging your solar battery from the grid, within the AGL Energy app and My Account web portal. One of our solar battery specialists will reach out to ...
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BrendanW AGL Idea Moderator

Re: VPP questions

Hi Stephanie, Thanks for your questions. I will try my best to answer them one by one. Your question: How you would decide when to use my battery power? Answer: How your battery is remotely managed depends on the circumstances at the time. It's based on the best way we think can help take pressure off the grid. Sometimes we’ll discharge energy from your battery and power your home. Any leftover energy will be supplied to the grid and you’ll receive your AGL feed-in tariff as per your AGL e ...
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BrendanW AGL Idea Moderator

Check out our new video about AGL Solar Exchange

We realize trading energy is a new and challenging concept. So we have put together a short video to explain how our AGL Solar Exchange pilot works. Still have questions? Please post them to this thread.
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