Thinking about getting an electric car? We'd love to hear from you!

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Are you looking to purchase, lease or finance an electric vehicle within the next couple of years? What are your considerations while you weigh up the decision? Would you consider renting the vehicle as opposed to leasing or financing the purchase?


We'd love to hear your thoughts on EVs!

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Hi David,


Yes, I would consider getting an electric car.  Main reason for me is to leverage the lower cost of electricity versus that of Petrol and overall health benefits. 


Many Benefits:

  • Less Air Pollution - Reduced Greenhouse gas emissions and reduced harmful exhaust emissions.
  • Less Noise Pollution
  • Cheaper to Run - Lower running costs
  • Cheaper to maintain - Less moving parts than conventional Petrol/diesel car.
  • Leverage Renewable energy (Solar Power) to recharge the EV.
  • Electric cars (most of them) are made of Eco-friendly materials (Recycled/green materials)
  • Safety Improvements - lower centre of gravity (less likely to roll over) - lower risk for fires in collisions
  • Help Australia be less dependent on other countries for petroleum imports.

Cost is the main consideration.  When electric cars came out, they were $100K etc.  So one would ask the question, how can a middle-class income earner afford a $100K car? 


But now, prices are coming down.  If it were possible, I would look at trading in my petrol engine car to get a break in the purchase price of an electric vehicle (EV). I would not be considering financing because such an arrangement could negate the short term cost benefits in owning an electric vehicle.  This could change as prices come down on EVs.


Another consideration is proliferation of EV charging stations.  I am looking at family trips but also have to be mindful of checking the maps of where the EV charging stations are along the major routes of travel.  If it doesn't seem feasible, then I would take my Hybrid on long family trips.  For in city travels, I would use the EV and once I gained confidence about longevity of travel on a single charge, then I would explore traveling longer distances, etc.





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Who sells electric cars in Adelaide? What is the price range?

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Hi Jane,


Here is the City of Adelaide's update re: Electric Cars:


You can google online, but the Electric Cars are easily between $45K and $66K (After Miscellaneous charges)


Check for pricing using:

  • Autotrader
  • Carsales
  • Local Dealerships

You will need to shop around to get an idea of the pricing.






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 I would like to have a more complete approach to the issue of home energy and ev personal transport and look for a total house hold package that consists of solar panels and home storage and ev that all connect to by virtual grid as an when required. The ev also enabled as a power storage device when not in use I.e at night when not required.

Can agl provide an effective home/ev package (sized to our yearly demands)that i can lease for 5 years where energy generation and commensurate billing amortisation provides a stable reliable month cost? If so, what other flexibility features could your provide I.e ev change over options new and used ev’s, great grid power sharing during peak demand bonuses etc...

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+1 for @scillaherb's point!


IMO the most likely trigger to switch the national vehicle fleet to ev is going to occur when V2X (or V2H) becomes feasible.  This will mean the consumer will be able to factor both the benefit of ev transport as well as for supplying a good sized battery to their solar panels against the initial cost of purchase!


First or early movers will have more control and avenue to lock in a new class of customer and this applies to both the ev manufacturing space and retail energy (VPP) aggregation.  Several vehicle manufactures are starting to amp up the marketing for this double play as an avenue to drive new ev sales.


There may still be a place for static household batteries in some cases ... however I suspect post Covid this might be a less common case than was previously imagined.

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Be aware that a Tesla does not (currently) allow V2H or V2G (Vehicle to Home or Grid). So that eliminate them from your line up. AFAIK Nissan / Renault are the only 2 that support it at present (April 2021). Even then it may not be available in your area.

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I sold my old Mercedes C class in 2017 and had a Model 3 on reserve for 3 years, but eventually gave up after finding out about the Model Y (SUV). I'm now waiting on the 'Buy it Now' button to appear on the Aussie Tesla web page.    In the interim I bought some TSLA shares with the Mercedes money, which will now pay for the Model Y.   I'm now riding an e-bike until the Tesla arrives.   I also have 6.4kW of solar panels, and a Tesla Powerwall 2 battery.  

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I've been waiting since 2017 for the Tesla Model Y to be available in Australia.  I'm still waiting.

I will be buying outright (thanks to my TSLA shares I bought 4 years ago). No finance, leasing, renting etc.


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I have a 2021 Outlander PHEV. I am interested in exploring whatever Renewable projects AGL has going in V2H context. I am an AGL customer with home solar, Tesla power wall 2 and subscribe to AGLs VPP.