Solar smart meter installation time

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I had recently get my property solar installed and powered, and I was advised from the installer that I do not need to do anything rather than wait for apprx 2 weeks before the AGL guy comes for the smart meter installation (they would do all the neccessary paperworks, if any for such the meter installed on my behalf). Almost 2 weeks passed and heard nothing then I just rang AGL solar team and then been advised that the consumers need to contact their retailers for the smart meter arrangement themselves and also 27 business days which is the normal timeframe for installation since early this year 2018. Wondering if the above said is correct? Though I am rather new in solar arena, I just wanna make sure my investment on solar do a good job in terms of return on investment rather feeding the power back to the grid for nothing. Appreciate your advices. Thank you.

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No wonder AER and AEMC and AEMO updated the National Electricity Retailer Rules (NERR) in 2018 to bring in new rules effective 1 February 2019 to the effect that retailers have a maximum of fifteen business days in which to get a new meter installed - days counted from when they receive the formal request from the customer or the customer's electrician or the electricity distributor.
The new rule explicitly applies to complex situations as well as simple situations; and the determination document and the public information sheet for the rule quote examples of complex situations, including 
"A complex meter exchange is when existing electricity meters are being replaced and connection alterations are required.  For example, where customers have bought an electric vehicle or a large air conditioner that requires three-phase electricity supply.
Under the final rule, the retailers will be required to provide a metering installation for a more complex meter exchange by a date agreed with the customer and the distribution network service providers (DNSP).  This is because, in the majority of cases, the connection services must be completed at the same time as the meter installation.  If no timing is agreed, the retailer must install the meter within 15 business days of having received a formal request."

NERR is similar to the national road rules in that each state and territory has legislation and associated regulations in order to make it law in each jurisdiction within Australia.

The NERR rule about installing meters does have an out for "exceptional circumstances" but says “in these cases, retailers would assist small customers by explaining why installation cannot proceed”   


Rule determination 28.3 discusses the "impact on small customers arising from delays in the installation of meters, including … customers unable to access new electricity products and services"  as part of the successful case for the new rule.


Adding a retailer into the process of getting a meter installed adds complexity, but then it gets worse when the retailer outsources it to a another party, who in turn outsources it to yet another party.  


Because NERR are "law" retailers are required to alter their contracts, procedures, etc to conform to the rules.

Version 17 of NERR

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How long should we wait when we already have an Activestream smart meter? Thought it was just a remote push of a button.  Crazy that AGL can take this already generated power for free.

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Hi Raziel1972! 

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You'll need to speak with our Solar team, you can get in touch with them directly on 1800 680 430 and they'll be able to check that for you. 

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