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Re: Solar smart meter installation time

It has been a very unpleasant experience with AGL since I requested for a smart meter upgrade. Aftet a couple of calls, AGL finally sent a third party electrician to the property for "what so called smart meter" with Import- Export kWh to ensure every kWh sent back to the grid could be creditted for. However, I received an email from AGL Solar team a few days later after the installation that such "smart meter" was inappropriately installed and considered as the old version, then said a "smart d ...
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Re: Solar command check

Hi AGL, I tried to log in the provided link for solar command check but it went to AGL Solar page then redirected me to my account where I could not find anywhere to request such complimentary solar command check. Kindly advise. Thank you
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Solar smart meter installation time

I had recently get my property solar installed and powered, and I was advised from the installer that I do not need to do anything rather than wait for apprx 2 weeks before the AGL guy comes for the smart meter installation (they would do all the neccessary paperworks, if any for such the meter installed on my behalf). Almost 2 weeks passed and heard nothing then I just rang AGL solar team and then been advised that the consumers need to contact their retailers for the smart meter arrangement th ...
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