Solar feed in tariff

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I am left wondering, when the electricity companies are all increasing their prices, this time because the "cost" of electricity to them has increased, why am I not receiving an increase of the  feed in tariff?  After all, they are "buying" electricity from me.  If anything, the feed in tariff seems to reduce. 

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @ganer, it's a common question! The short answer to this one is that although there are a number of factors driving the average wholesale price of electricity up , the abundance of solar power during the day also drives prices way down - because everyone with solar is generating their own power and exporting to the grid, resulting in high supply and low demand. After all, the reason you're exporting to the grid at that time is that you're generating more than you need, and that's true of everyone else with solar as well! This is why battery storage is an important component in the future of solar and other renewable energy sources - being able to store that energy you've generated while the sun is shining and energy is cheap, and use it when it's dark or cloudy and energy is more expensive.

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I think you have missed the answer to the question why are feed in tariffs prices going down an power price's going up, could this be to do with share returns going up an profits for agl up 10%?