Withdrawl of Solar feed In Tarrif

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For many years I have been an AGL customer enjoying the 44 cent government solar rebate and the AGL provided rebate on top.

In my last bill the AGL feed in tarrif was removed leaving only the 44 cent government rebate. I called AGL to inquire and was told that AGL had taken a decision not to pay anyone that currently has the government rebate and that I would not find another energy retailer that would pay a rebate on top of the government rebate. Well that was wrong, Both Alinta (7 cents) and Origin (5 Cents) confirmed that the solar rebate they pay was on top of the government rebate.

So I called back and was told that this decision was final and I should not expect to be "double dipping" (exact words from the person on the phone).

If I was a new AGL customer with solar but no government rebate, AGL would provide a rebate, why is the power I export to the grid worth less to AGL than my neighbour that is on the standard solar rebate. So I suppose this goes to show that AGL are only looking to bring on new customers, not look after the long term "double dipping" customers.

I will be informing as many of my friends that are AGL customers as I can, that may not look that closley at their bill, to consider looking around for a company that is not as greedy and does not try and strip the long held rebate.

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Hi @IanBrisbane, welcome to neighbourhood. I understand why you'd be upset about losing the current Retailer Feed-in Tariff of 5c/kwh, I just want to clarify that you will still be getting credited for 44c/kwh as per your government tariff scheme. AGL are still the ones that credit that to your account and 'pay' the tariff. You can find our current Feed-In terms and conditions here


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hi a question .

I had solar installed 2008, I have getting between .72 and .68s KWH. The Feb bill show my feed in tariff is now .06 KWH. Yes i have ha it very good for 15 years. Perhaps the SRET certificate has expired?/

regards stephen

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Hi @Wickham1,


Welcome to AGL Neighbourhood!


I can certainly check what your current rebate is and let you know if there are any other options available to you. I'll send you a private message to get your account details from you, so I can assist further.