Solar Smart Meters

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In the next month Im getting the free AGL smart meter installed. When I asked about this a few months ago AGL told me that this would enable my solar to be used as my primary source of energy before it gets sold back to the grid. Without the smart meter it would go to the grid before I get any benefit from my solar. In NSW the generous govt rebate has ended so I need the smartest use of my investment in solar. In the info on the AGL website and in the post there is no mention of solar benefit as Ive explained in having a smart meter. So does having a smart meter enable me to use the energy created from my solar panels first before I draw from the grid?

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Morning Mark, I'm in SA so the smart meters 'may' be different here to there, but, as I understand it, if you had solar installed then some smart meter would have to have been installed at the same time or prior to, I'll stand corrected but I don't see the logic of a solar system installed feeding straight into the grid. Even if you had an older style meter you would still be able to use your generated power first, what is not consumd goes to the grid.


Your AGL bill may shed some light on that. The big advantage of a smart meter is using the AGL app to see your daily etc. consumption as well as on line monthly reads which means no one has to visit your home to get a meter read.


I'm sure the moderators here will read your post, ask for your personal info VIA PRIVATE MESSAGE and shed much more light tham I have.




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Please ensure Your AGL METER CHANGER  is trained and knows the correct procedure for your specific invertor. Ours did not and AGL refuses to take any responsibility for the fact our invertor is now useless. As customers of 25yrs standing AGL has treated us appallingly. They sent a serviceman out to assess the situation who did not bother to bring any tools, had only seen a couple of invertors and had no idea how to assess the situation let alone fix it. Please ensure you meter changer knows what they are doing otherwise you may have a lot of trouble with them

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Hi @MarkScarfe. Thanks for your post and welcome to the Community. 


Previously in NSW customers had the choice between having a net or a gross solar meter installed. This would have been either arranged with the solar installation company or electrician at the time of installation. 



If you currently have a gross meter installed this would mean that all of solar energy is fed directly into the electricity gird. AGL is currently offering to exchange these meters with a digital meter that includes net metering


Net metering solar systems are set up to send energy to your household first, before sending the excess energy back into the grid. That means only solar energy that’s not used in your home is sent to the grid – and you receive a payment (or ‘feed-in tariff’) for that excess. A net meter records the excess solar your system generates, as well as the amount of electricity your household takes from the grid.



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HI Mark

Did you get a direct answer on this topic? using your own power first, i think is called net metering, when it goes direct to the grid it is called gross metering.  I am also trying to find out about ensuring I am on net metering.  It does not appear to be in all the 'bells and whistles' when they talk about smart meters.

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AGL is currently offering in NSW to exchange any solar configured meters with a new digital meter, which will be configured to net metering. This will allow your solar generation to first of all feed into your house, will be able to record any energy that you draw from the electricity grid and any excess solar energy that your system feeds into the grid. 


This is not a compulsory meter exchange however you can either opt in or opt out at this time. 


If you want to find out more information about your current metering configuration, please send us a private message with your account details.



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In September last year I received notification that Ia free net meter would be installed on my property prior to the rebate finishing on Dec 31 2016. 2 weeks later (october)I was notified that my house required a 3 phase net meter and that this would be done shortly. In October, November and December I continually called AGL requesting information on when the free meter would be installed, eventually speaking to a supervisor who supposedly placed me on a "priority" list. 

31 December came and went without an installation. So for the last 6 weeks AGL has been buying ALL the electricity I produce for 6 cents and I have been purchasing it back for @ 4 Times that amount in what is the hottest summer on record.

i am appalled at the lack of communication and service by a company I have not only been loyal to For 25 years but am also a shareholder in.

this will have cost me a lot of money!! And AGL will have profited by their delay in installing the meter,

next steps

ombudsman and if no satisfaction - then to a Current Affair or Today Tonight or maybe Ray Hadley as they willl assist me

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Hi @Fionoula


Thanks for the post, I have also received your private message and will be happy to help you out. Please check your Community inbox. 



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Hi Fionoula, 

I have this exact problem and now the initial 6 weeks has blown out to 12 weeks. As you say, AGL are making money out of us till the new meter is installed.  What is happening with your installation?  Any joy?


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Hi @Judy


Sorry to hear that your meter exchange has not taken place either. If you would like you can send me a private message with your account details via this link and I can investigate as to what is happening on our end. Otherwise if you would prefer to speak to someone you can call our digital meter team on 1300 669 245