Renewable Energy vision

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I am part of a Sydney based MBA team, we are undertaking a project on renewable energies from the perspective of strategic frameworks.


We are trying to prove that energy security is essential to the future of Australia. We are preparing a report based on the following statement; "Energy markets are moving towards a renewable energy strategy to provide energy security for the future".


We would love to hear your thoughts about the future of the renewable energy sector.


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Hi Josh_Loy,


Thanks for reaching out regarding our stance on renewable energy!


At AGL, we have a vested interested in renewable energy, for the future benefit of the industry and our customers alike.  At present, we're the largest ASX-listed operator of renewable energy generation in this country. For more information on how we contribute to the renwable energy sector, please follow this link.


Kind regards,



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Hi Jayden,


I am in the same group as Josh at uni and was hoping that you might be able to assist by answering a few more questions:


  • How many renewable energy assets do you own in total?
  • What year did AGL acquire its first renewable energy asset?
  • What percentage of your overall revenue is attributed to renewable energy?  In 2020 do you think this percentage will have increased significantly?
  • Who is AGL's key competitor in the renewable energy space currently and in the future?

I appreciate your assistance!


Kind regards,


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Hi @gemmaadams and @Josh_Loy


Thank you again for reaching out to us. 


In our 2017 Sustainability Report, you will find a few chapters of utmost importance. They are:

 - Energy market evolution

 - Climate change (greenhouse and energy)

 - Renewable energy


You will find further information on the:

 - renewable energy section on the AGL website; and,

 - slide 35 of our FY2017 results presentation


In terms of our generation portfolio, as of 30 June 2017, we operated 1,890 MW of renewable generation capacity, representing 18% of our total operated generation portfolio. You can find this information in the renewable energy section of our website.


I hope these resources help answer some of your questions! 🙂


Kindly, Jordan


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Absolutely agree that we need renewable energy to be made front and centre. Good to hear that AGL have a Renewables Fund for developing wind farms and solar fields. But alarming that at the same time they are proposing to drill in the environmentally sensitive Westernport Bay. There are important wetlands, mango swamps, and key breeding grounds for some of our wonderful marine life here, and the chemically polluted waste which will pour into the Bay will change this forever. Slicks of oil, drilling, and the constant seismic booms will affect the hearing of our larger mammals, which will endanger their existence. Even the constant movement in and our of the proposed port will disturb important breeding and feeding grounds. How does this fit with their purported green image? Many in the community see this as a backward step by AGL, based purely on financial gain, without regard for our environment.
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Hi @WeedAngel 

We actually have a discussion group dedicated to conversation and consultation about the proposed Gas Import Jetty project, if you'd like to participate, please head on over!

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