More confusion over VPP

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Hmm, getting worse methinks - I have just received this below and it makes no sense. I have my system all set with the smaller battery, chose the battery backup as well, had the site inspection done, and as I say now fully installed, just awaiting the upgrade to the larger battery, now I get the very generic email, in it they talk about possible costs, relocation etc. there is no logic to a generic letter as it explains nothing - just makes me more confused.


I spoke to the 1300 number who say they should no more end of this year as to what will be installed, seems AGL still have not finalised what we’re getting, email goes on about possible cost.


In the day and age with so few on the VPP I am sure emails fall into only a few categories that would cover all possibilities so why not a tailored email explaining the next move?


If indeed most of us who are on the VPP will go to item 1 then say so – don’t confuse us or leave lingering doubts.





We're getting ready to announce our next-generation Virtual Power Plant product offer.

Here's what happens next.

We are putting the final touches on the next phase of AGL’s Virtual Power Plant, which you can upgrade to at no change to the battery cost. 

We’ll call to tell you about the battery technology, explain the upgrade process and discuss your options with you.

If you would like to upgrade, we’ll arrange a convenient time for an AGL electrician to visit your home and conduct a site inspection to make sure your new battery works seamlessly with your current home setup. We’ll look at the best location to install your new battery, and if you’ve had a concrete foundation installed, we’ll also assess if it can be reused.

If a change to the battery installation location is required, AGL will work with you to identify an alternative location. If this requires additional works we will discuss this, and any additional costs with you before proceeding. You have the option of a full refund if you choose not to proceed.

Once your site inspection is complete and we have identified where your new battery can be suitably installed, we’ll organise the paperwork and call to arrange a convenient installation time. We’ll also arrange for the removal of your existing battery. 

We appreciate your patience and understanding, as we work together to build this world-leading virtual power plant. 

If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact 1300 447 465 (8.30am - 4.30pm ACST Mon to Fri) or email

AGL Virtual Power Plant team



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Thanks for your post and apologies for any confusion that we may have created – we’ve taken on board your suggestions regarding addressing your particular situation directly, so we’ll send you a follow up email shortly to clarify. Needless to say, we are working hard behind the scenes to be able to announce our next generation product as soon as possible!





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The more I delve deeper the happier I seem to get with the handling of the new proposed VPP, I'm still none the wiser but I get the feeling all will be well soon, at least my system is installed, I can use my solar all day, use the battery at night and can still produce up to 35KW's on a really good day, best of all with the new feed in tariff I have the best of all worlds, last months electricity bill was under $68.00 and this month it was under $5.00, not bad for 5.5KW's of panels with no scrimpling.


I just have to learn a little patience.




Please remember I am just like you - a customer. If my post has helped, you can click the 'LIKE' button to show your appreciation.
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So how does one get such an update email? 


I have had nothing since paying in June save for an email about a guy who has resigned. 


So I called in December and had a very poor call with an "electrical engineer" who'd never heard of Elon Musk or his battery in South Australia, nor the speed with which he deployed it, and expressed indignantly that I was silly for wanting an email such as this as they had nothing to update me on.... And hey I could just ask for a refund if I wasn't happy with that. 


Meanwhile customers who've got their battery but have a dodgy isolator are having their bill subsidised- nice for them but what about me 8 months down the track? 


Any idea when those of us who have paid might get said email?


Don't get me wrong, I'd settle for the battery and some goodwill discount instead. 

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Hey Wade,


Thanks for your post!


We're sorry to hear that you're feeling out of the loop, and we'd like to apologise for the poor level of service. We're working hard to finalise everything we need to before making our next announcement, so please stay tuned!


If you'd like a member of our VPP team to touch base with your personally, please send me a private message including your AGL account number and contact details and I'll do the rest!





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Hi Jayden,


I am also in the same boat with Wade.


I have deposited $1000 with AGL - Have already had site inspection and have had the foundation prepared (with concrete base by AGL) ready for the Sunverge battery. I have been waiting since August 2017 and still to date has yet to received any communication from AGL - not even the email that AGL has sent recently to all VPP participants.



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I feel your pain Jayden.


I never got my phone call as promised following my post...


I did get the email posted above though recently- HOPE RESTORED.

Got their phone call today to tell me its not the actual phone call and I should get that in 6 to 12 weeks and I was misreading the 30 days on the letter, and hey you can just get a refund if you don't like it bud- HOPE SHATTERED.

Geez I've only waited since Feb 2017, what's my problem right?


Anyway, check out my petition to see if we can get AGL to pull their finger out, they could have this actually done if they cared about their customers and allocated the necessary resources. Ironic given Elon Musk managed to plan, build and switch on the world's largest solar battery in SA in under 100 days- and now AGL has chosen to change to his Tesla Powerwall technology as an option. Ha ha. Maybe pay him for a day of his time to gain some leadership and management insight...?


Sign the petition: