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Re: Battery fan on a hot day

Hi Woodunn, Thanks for your Community feedback. The ‘cabinet’ itself actually protects the internals from ambient dust, insects, vermin, rain, etc. and leaving the cabinet door open allows these to get into the cabinet and potentially damage the cabinet internals, so the manufacturer suggests leaving the cabinet door closed. The fan will turn on to cool the internals when required, such as on a hot day. Hope that helps, Greg
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Re: More confusion over VPP

Hi BWSS, Thanks for your post and apologies for any confusion that we may have created – we’ve taken on board your suggestions regarding addressing your particular situation directly, so we’ll send you a follow up email shortly to clarify. Needless to say, we are working hard behind the scenes to be able to announce our next generation product as soon as possible! Thanks, Greg
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Re: AGL have cancelled Virtual Power Plant rollout to evaluate newer products

Hi Frogster, Thanks for your feedback and thanks for being a part of the VPP. You can rest assured we have definitely not cancelled the rollout of the VPP or your contract. We're in the process of finalising our next generation of products to include in the VPP. We acknowledge your disappointment at having your installation deferred at short notice and we apologise for this, but we wanted to provide you with the opportunity to opt-in to the exciting, next generation product offering when it is ...
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