Limits to the size of new Residential Solar System

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I'm an existing AGL customer and will be going solar in the next 2 months.  I have been getting solar quotes and think I want to install a 12.2-kilowatt system.  I've noticed that AGL and some other suppliers have limits on installation size (10KW) and am wondering what impact this will have.  Will it reduce the FIT or will AGL elect not to deal with me?   

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We'll still take you on as a customer and you'll also receive a feed-in tariff for any power you export to the grid irrespective of the size of your system. However, the size of your system can impact which discount plans you are eligible for. For example, our current Solar Savers plan which gives customers a boosted FiT of 20c/kWh is only available to customers with systems no larger than 10KW.


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