significant difference between fornius inverter reading and AGl appl reading of solar feed

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Hi All


I have installed a 9.9kw solar system. As per the fronius inverter readings i get around 40-50 kw/hs per day(sunny days), very happy. But now that i have been connected to the grid to sell, as per the AGL app, i am only selling 11 kw for the past 2 days, that is 21 & 22 September 2020.


Now on these 2 days there was no one at home from 7.30am to 6pm, assuming the house alliances used say 5-7kw), and as per the fronius inverter(installed in August 2020) produced 50kw/hs.


I am left wondering where did the rest of the solar energy go? why didnt more get sold to the grid, knowing that 50kw/h was produced on that sunny day.( i have been monitoring the solar produced readings on the fronius appl for over a month now and i  can see that the pattern of produciton on good sunny days is quite consistent etc).


I am left confused as to what the issue is now. The current agl app shows 11 kw sold to the grid, so whats the point of having a 9.9kw system producing around 50kw/h on a sunny day, and no one home to use, and even if 10kw/h is used in the day. you are still left with 40kw to sell but you end up selling only 11kw,


Can someone help me out. I am thinking that the feed to the grid should be higher than 11kw, could there be some issues here.


After investing $6,000, in august 2020, and only to see 11kw sold to grid on 21/9/20 and 22/9/20 each, is frustrating.


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Do a manual read of your meters and see what you are consuming and what you are putting to the grid.

Track it over a few days best time to read your meters is just on Sunset each day.

AGL take two days to update your web page with "current data"

Cheers Neil

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