Gross and Net Feed installed and wanting a Smart Meter

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Since the generous rebates have stopped I have now switched my electricty provider back to AGL due to the fact they will install a Smart Metre for free. I have both Gross and Net installed on my property. I have a question when they install the Smart Meter I assume this will all then be switched over to NET feed.

Also am interested in the app that will actively monitor my usage. I also assume this will 'happen'when the new Smart Meter is installed I down load the AGL app and can view my elecytricty usage?

Thanks in advance.

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AGL will no doubt repond to this but from my knowledge it's a yes to both your questions and, when you get a few weeks/months of data generated you will wonder how you ever survived with the software, AGL IQ, the best thing since sliced bread!!




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HI @Tumatawhero


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Great to hear that you transferred back to AGL, you will receive a letter from us indicating when the digital meter will be installed. This should be completed by the end of April 2017. If you need any extra information about this, we suggest that you should call our digital metering team on 1300 669 245. 


You can still download the AGL App at any time and register your AGL account and once the digital meter your App will update within 10 business days post meter exchange with your electricity consumption.