AGL Tesla battery mains outage backup delay recently

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AGL Tesla battery installed June 2020. Until recently if a mains outage occured the battery backup occurred seamlessly, we were only made aware of the outage by heavy usage appliances, e.g. electric oven, turning off. In the last few months there has been a period of around 5 seconds from mains outage occurring where all power is cut until the battery again provides backup. This is occuring regardless of the level of charge in the battery, and occurs even when the battery is already providing 100% of the household energy, the mains outage should not have any effect.

Any thoughts if this is a fault in our system that needs repair, and secondly, being under warranty still, how do we arrange the repair?

Super Nova
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The change over is not due to the Battery (Musk-Stick or otherwise) but rather the operation of you power management system and inverter.


My system runs in UPS Mode so there is no delay when mains disappears. My HWS booster and electric oven is directly wired to the grid, so I loose them. It is the only indication we have a blackout, or we see the oven clock flashing.


I would talk to the people who programmed your management system to check those settings.

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Thanks for that. It was running and acting as yours does for 3 years
without issue but recently started the 5 second blackout business. AGL had
the battery installed under their scheme and provide the 10 year warranty,
but I have no contact details for battery and associated system issues.
Hoping that someone does. I have already emailed the address I was given
upon installation but no response after 2 weeks!
Thanks again for your reply.