No follow up after Rewards event

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Got the text message for a peak event, replied yes to join, reduced my power for an hour, then.... Nothing. It's been five days now and no follow up text to say how I went. What is the point???


Also, saying "reduce your power by xx kWh" is not very useful as I have no idea what figure AGL is using for my normal consumption. It should say what target consumption from grid is during the peak event so I can actually track it.

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Hi @menwithven ,


Welcome, and thanks for participating! Let's see if we can figure out what happened here.


So, if you replied "Y" to the initial invitation text, you should have received a text stating "Thanks for registering for the peak event" and subsequently another text when the event concluded, beginning with "The Event is over"'


Then around five days later you should have received (by email, not text) a Peak Event Summary, confirming whether you met your targets. 

Did you receive any of these three messages?

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I never got the "event is over" text but I did get the "thanks for
registering for the peak event, good luck!".

Just registered for another event today, will be interesting to see if I
get an event is over sms.
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How about the Event Summary email - did you receive that at the email address associated with your account?



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No, didn't get any emails about the event (checked my spam folder too). I
did get the welcome to peak events email when I signed up.
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Hi @menwithven

We've been looking into this, and it appears that there were some phone carrier issues with sending out those SMS's - this may have been why you didn't receive the text about the event concluding.


As for the summary email - those actually go out within 5 business days of the event, so it's possible that it hasn't been sent to you yet.

If it has been longer than 7 days since the first event you registered for and the event summary still hasn't come through, send me a private message with your account info (click my name), and we can investigate further. Thanks for taking the time to report your issue - feedback is very helpful.

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OK, so the second event I did get a "the event has now concluded" SMS.
Still waiting for the email 4 days on.

This whole Peak Rewards just seems like a lottery system which will only
reward those with large solar systems that can reduce their consumption to
zero during the peak event. There is a lack of prompt feedback to indicate
whether you succeeded in reducing your consumption and no clear target
beyond just reduce your power by XX kWH from some arbitrary amount (decided
by AGL but not revealed). The only way to reliably reach the target is to
have a large solar system and not draw from the grid during the peak event.
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Hi @menwithven 

The invitation text you receive to participate in the event mentions the target you need to meet to receive the reward.

For example, the last invitation text I received included "Your expected usage during this time is 1.07kWh. Earn $5 for using 10% less than your expected usage."

A 10% reduction doesn't seem too hard for me to hit, so I just turn off my AC during this time, hold off on starting the washing machine etc. I don't have any solar system at home but I've met the target for each event I've joined just by turning a couple of things off. You certainly don't need a large solar system to participate!

Keep in mind that there's a delay for us receiving your usage data - that's why we can't let you know right away whether you've met the target or not. We send out the summary within 7 days.

Did you receive the event summary for your first event yet?