Help make it easier for other Neighbourhood members to assist you

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Not aimed at AGL,


It would be a good idea if people who post issues in the Neighbourhood forums, regarding Solar generation, FiT's, Electricity, Gas meter reading etc.


To Supply at the end of their original post.

1. The State said poster lives in.

2. The Distributor said poster has.

3. The type of Meter said poster has.

4. The type of plan said poster has.


That would make it so much easier for other Neighbourhood members to help you.


I am unsure if this qualify's as an Idea. But it would sure help myself and a few others willing to give time to assist.


Kind Regards


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Thanks for the suggestion @John-T  - While you've said this is directed at other Neighbourhood members rather than at AGL, I'm moving this over to the Ideas board for Neighbourhood, because there may be something we can do to help prompt other community members to be more upfront with this type of info - it's definitely helpful when it comes to troubleshooting issues.