Some of the websites are blocked over WiFi

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Hello Everyone,

I'm using AGL provided modem TP-Link AX1800 with Model No: VX230v. This issue has occurred several times, what happens is that all of a sudden certain websites are blocked over WiFi such as and a few other that I access every now and then. Also streaming content on some of the apps is blocked as well. When that happens, what I observed is Google specific apps and domains work without any issues always. And some other domains work as well like LinkedIn, Facebook etc. I have to switch to mobile data to access the blocked one's if it's urgent. To fix the issue, sometimes it helps if I reset my modem. Some other times I have to reset both modem and nbn box. This issue may reoccur in a few weeks or months but wasn't a major nuisance so long as I was able to reset modem and fix it.

Now it has become quite annoying, issue is fixed immediately after reset but then comes back in a few hours or even minutes. I can't reset my modem every time. I suspect it is because of the modem or some network configuration, because I don't face issues with mobile data. I saw a few articles online to do something by logging into router admin web page, but I'm unable to login to my router admin page at or from the TP-Link's Tether app even after factory reset multiple times. Default password "admin" or "password" doesn't work.

Has anyone faced a similar issue and could resolve it? Any help on this is appreciated. Thanks!