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Some of the websites are blocked over WiFi

Hello Everyone,I'm using AGL provided modem TP-Link AX1800 with Model No: VX230v. This issue has occurred several times, what happens is that all of a sudden certain websites are blocked over WiFi such as academy.pega.com and a few other that I access every now and then. Also streaming content on some of the apps is blocked as well. When that happens, what I observed is Google specific apps and domains work without any issues always. And some other domains work as well like LinkedIn, Facebook et ...
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Meter Read when moving in

Hello Everyone,I’ve been recently reading on social media about higher utility bills generated suddenly running into several hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and that one major reason could be because providers don’t take actual meter readings but an estimate. When an actual meter reading is taken, it could be much higher bill because of lower estimates than actual usage over a period of time. So in my case, starting this month, I want to input meter reads on AGL app every month after know ...
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