Netcomm NF20MESH - wifi doesnt work

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My moden, for some reason just dropped the WiFi function and that is essential for me to work from home. Istill see that AGL have not prtede my number from Teslstra and I am trying to be  anew customer for AGL Internet. I plugged in the Telstra White (old) WiFi modem and it works perfectly, Why is this? Frankly I have been waiting for technical help from AGL for over 3 hours in total over the last 2 days. Unacceptable. Either you contact me with support - you have my details or i will simply cancel the AGL internet and go back to Telstra.

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @Andrew-Scanlan . Did you manage to get this wifi issue with your modem resolved?

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I put up with AGL's poor performance (long holds for tech service, hangups when you get on etc - as well as modems that work poorly)... took me six months, 3 replacement modems, and  2NBN tech visits to decide to just try a different provider. But the dropout, slow speed and other issues instantly disappeared. Not sure why AGL internet doesn't work, but wish I'd pulled the plug earlier.