Can't login to NF20MESH gateway

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I have recently connected my AGL nbn with the supplied NetComm NF20MESH wifi modem router. The internet and wifi all work fine, but I can't login to the gateway settings more than once. The default username and password printed on the bottom only work once after a hard factory reset, then I can never login again. I've even tried changing the password to my own, but no good. I found a thread on here about a different modem with the same problem. Apparently the modem syncs up with AGL upon first network connection, to get all the right settings, and changes the gateway password at that point. I'm guessing mine is doing the same, but I don't know what the new password is. Please help!

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @coreyd , did you manage to get this issue with the login credentials resetting sorted out?

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have the same prob how did you fix it 


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same prob how do you fix as not with agl now