Internet - no network connection

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Okay so I have set up my nbn modem and did everything that was meant to be done but it’s still saying that there is no network connection what do I need to do I even turned the modem off and back on and still the same thing 

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @Tazzie1993


Have you been able to connect yet? 

This could be caused by any number of things, so the Neighbourhood might not be the best place to troubleshoot it. If you've tried the steps listed on our Internet Troubleshooting page, the next course of action is probably to shoot through a message via your My Account page or the AGL app. You can also give us a call of course, but by messaging you won't need to wait around on hold.

Let us know how you go with getting it sorted.


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No I still haven’t been able to connect it yet I even called today they told me the same thing turn on off wait a few hours but nothing 

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Any update on this yet ? Did you end up getting it connected and how so ? 



Their customer service call centre is clueless and close to useless for anything more than giving please wait xxx days/hours and try again. Been 2 weeks for me and i'm still not connected, every time i call i get an answer to keep me waiting till the next day for someone else to deal with it and they do the same thing.