AGL supplied netcomm nf20 modem firmware

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hey guys,


anyone know how I can download the AGL firmware for the netcomm nf20 modem.

I've uploaded the netcomm version firmware, however I would like to reinstall the AGL version.

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @magicmike,


I suspect you'd need to get in touch with support to assist with that, and I'm not sure if they'll be able to send you the included firmware - let us know if you're successful though.

Just curious - what was your reason for wanting to swap out the firmware?

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yeah look I tried calling tech support, but they weren't much help because I'm not a agl customer.

But I have a AGL supplied modem.

The reason why I want to install the agl firmware on the NF20 is 

1. thats the original firmware that came with it

2. I want to test and check voip / qos settings for voip 


I installed the latest netcomm firmware, but yeah I would like to revert back to the AGL firmware version.

Anyway you can assist of getting the firmware file?