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Re: TP-Link VX230v Firmware

if anyone is interested, tp-link has posted the firmware on the modem support page
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Re: DSL VX230V modem issue

ok i think i may have found the issue. you will have to disable remote management in the administration menu.It seems this is enabled by default and is what causes the issue.
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Re: DSL VX230V modem issue

actually thats the same issue ive noticed and asked for the latest firmware. ive noticed after the modem is up and running for a while, (maybe a day or less) i can not access the modemwebpage any more. it comes up with a error that it can't connect.however the modem is still working fine (eg wifi works, web browsing etc)AGL support do you have a fix for this?
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TP-Link VX230v Firmware

hey AGL I have a agl supplied TP-Link VX230v.Can anyone from support provide me with a link to the latest version of the firmware.cheers
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