Phone not registered to network

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After the Optus debacle 8/11/2023, we were advised 9/11/2023 that all services have been restored to good health yet we still cannot connect our phones. AGL staff said they would transfer our enquiry to specialised staff…..the we were just left hanging. No response and call centre now closed. Appreciate it is a difficult time but….


AGL Community Manager
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Hi @Carwill - sorry to hear about that. Were you able to get in touch with support and resolve this?

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Thanks for responding David.
Well sort of, all that could be established after not having service on our 2 mobile phones, was that they could not locate our mobile numbers so new SIM cards were being issued. Then on the 4th day after the Optus debacle, our phones starting working again. We are yet to receive the SIM cards however our phones have continued working without issue since 12/11/2023.

Just felt aggrieved, paying for both phones but not getting answers as to why they were not working and to compound the issue, staff advising our numbers appear to have been disconnected.

We are hopeful the issues are past and we can continue with our service of electricity, internet and mobile accounts with AGL.