Absolutely no response from AGL mobile (Uncontactable)

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After waiting for 10-15 min on AGL Chat Team, they transferred me to the mobile team. However the previous tries on Friday 20/1 and Monday 23/1, there was absolutely no response after more than an hour wait on chat. Several calls were made to AGL hotline 131245 was transferred to "mobile team" also waited (more than 1 hour) and never answered. Is there a proper channel to resolve this? Can you please cancel my AGL mobile (ACC392621). The mobile service needs to be seriously reviewed! Thank you.

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @Kelsy27,


Sorry you've had so much trouble getting in touch with AGL Mobile support. I recommend you log in to your My Account page or use the AGL app to send us a message - you won't need to wait around on the phone, and it's not live chat so you do not need to wait for a reply. 

Hope this helps get you what you're looking for more easily.

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Hi David,


Thank for reply to this, the "message" gets answered by the operator and forwarded to "telco team", thereafter it's left hanging. Look carefully at your system, my message had been there since 9am, no response from "Telco Team". Further on the "Chat" site, the chat was picked up by operator Natasha after 1.5 hours wait, took her hours to reply and got my details. The wait was so long that the AGL website chat log on was "timed out" and all progress lost!

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I am having this issue as well! How can we be assisted?

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I am having the exact same problem. It needs to be fixed.

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Calling for half an hour, no response.

Chat advised to call mobile assistance number.

No response. Advertisement says that the app can do all assistance.

Nothing happening,.

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I tried several times to contact AGL on their 24/7 phone number 131 245.  This forum thread has had over “600 Views” since January !!  What does that tell you ??  There must be a lot of frustrated people not being able to contact a person with their query.


AGL, not everything is solved online. Pick up the bloody phone!!

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Hi @Nanny ,


I understand the frustration in getting hold of support by phone. Unfortunately Internet and Mobile support is not available 24/7, and we're working on getting the contact page updated with current availability.


While our phone agents will be happy to assist you, we're currently receiving a very high volume of calls and we're  working hard to get wait times down.