Unbelievably poor service from AGL Telco

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I have just spent 45 minutes on hold, transferred between no less than 5 different operators, trying to resolve an issue that has been reported to AGL 3 times now - and still has not been fixed!!!

Since moving to AGL as my phone company about 2 months ago - I have not been able to send photos as an attachment to text messages, or receive photos sent to me as attachments to text messages. Its a pretty simple issue, and has only commenced since moving to AGL.

I have no idea why this cannot be sorted quickly, twice I have been advised that the issue has been fixed, with no change to the problem at my end - still enable to receive or send photo attachments to text messages.

The service level from AGL is just abysmal.

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @Dave_Quinn  - sorry to hear about your repeated efforts to get this issue resolved, it sounds exasperating. We're working urgently on reducing wait times to our call centres.

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thanks David AGL - after many years service with iiNet and not a single issue when sending or receiving attachments to text messages - yes, it is really frustrating having to deal with a telco that just push you from one operator to another, without the issue being resolved - even more so when the first customer service officer advised me that the issue had been resolved (apparently a check-box at the AGL end had not been ticked to allow attachments to SMS - such a simple solution one would think) - and the issue was never sorted and still exists for incoming SMS to this day!!!

There must have been some change at the AGL end after the debacle yesterday, because I am now able to attach pics- but using RCS chat??  which is news to me and must be something that AGL have done. I still cannot open  attachments to normal SMS messages though.