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I need to move out of AGL service, can anyone here recommend power, gas, nbn and mobile service all in one please.  I couldn't even send normal text since I signed up with agl mobile and still they billed me for the 3 months free service. Please help me move to another provider more trusted than agl.

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You will be pushing to find any "all in one" service provider that is truly value for money.


  1. I use TPG for NBN.
  2. Have a mobile phone plan with Telstra (as they have better coverage than any one, when traveling in my van).
  3. My normal mobile phone plan is with ALDI (has unlimited calls, unlimited data rollover and uses parts of the Telstra Network).
  4. AGL, for electricity because the current plan I am on suits me.
  5. Don't need gas

Do the research and see what you come up with and then come back here and make a suggestion.


I used to do volunteering for aged people and would try and convince them to move to different suppliers but they would say been with XXX for years and they suit me, even though I could show them who they could save over $100 a month by using different companies.


Cheers Neil

Cheers Neil

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