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I have applied for new gas meter installation and have called about 6 times so far in last 3 weeks but agl still can't get my quote done through jemena.

Was told today that the address was wrongly put in by the agent. Still don't know if they got it right after the conversation today.

Asked the agent to escalate this matter but was told they are all so busy and i will receive a call back in 30min. The day has finished and did not get call back either.

Can someone please let me know where can i take this to get an answer.


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Hi Puttu,


I'm sorry to hear that you've been having such a difficult time with this!

Our New Connections are generally very quick to address these sorts of issues. Can I ask what expectations were set with you by AGL during the last call? Is an agent going to call you back with an update, etc.


Kind regards,