how to read EDMI Atlas Mk7A meter

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Can you please explain me how to read EDMI Atlas Mk7A meter in detail. with all code information 

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I wish I knew. Just had mine changed to this and still consistently receiving estimated bills with no information on how to read the new meter. Not happy they expect us to do our own readings when they charge for access which includes meter readings. I have no fence, not where my dog is etc.

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@shrutijoshi1702 @Laine26 @ANGUS1 


There is very little documentation available in reading the Atlas meters.


@Richard  a  member of this community, has posted information Here.


It is a technical document and you may need to read it a few times (maybe even copy it and save it as a document).


However if you just press button 1 you can scroll through the list, using some common sense you can then work out what each reading indicates.


Now I can tell you the document starts with a Incorrect Statement, the time shown is the current time in the Eastern States (ie shows DST when applicable). Being in SA our clock shows EDST at the moment, I know that when I did some work at a mates place in NSW his meter was showing the Current Time in NSW.  I am unsure what time is shown in Qld.


If you have solar, that meter can easily be identified by doing readings at night and comparing the numbers with a reading taken while the solar is running during the day.


I have the following active meters in my Atlas meter.

02 Time (as above in current Eastern Time)

03 Date (in current Eastern Time)

04 Energy consumed from the Grid

05 Energy exported to the Grid (Solar)

06 Energy consumed from the Grid (this is the same as 04?? and happened when changed to 5 min interval)

07 Controlled load consumed from the Grid

88 Shows the test screen.


Now I can also tell you in the 3 years that I have had this meter it has been remotely configured at least 4 times since its installation.

When this occurs the meters are all reset back to zero.

This last occurred around the 9th October when AGL requested that my meter be changed from 30 min updates to 5 minute updates.


Other than giving you a rough estimate of usage (the meter only shows 1 decimal point and you are charged to 3 decimal points) this data is not really of any benefit unless you read the meters at the same time each day and document it a spread sheet or similar to get somewhat accurate usage.


Now as a computer programmer I can convert the data supplied when you down load your data from AGL into a usable format.  As a South Australian I can also download my usage file (for the last two years) in a usable format from our supplier SA Power networks.


I have a spread that shows me everything that I have consumed or generated to or from the grid since I had our solar panels installed.


This even includes from the 1st Aug 22 when I when to Time of Use billing.


Anyway hope this helps you gaining the information you require.


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Cheers Neil

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Hi - I have an Atlas Mk7A I believe. The replies to this post mention LCD 04 is information about energy taken from the grid, or something similar. On my meter LCD 04 displays about '36kV arh'. What is this telling me?


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I am in QLD and struggling to work out how to read this meter they installed last week

atlas mk7a


I believe from checking 7am and 5pm every day

#3 is Net imported ~34.7

#4 Dunno but numbers slowly increasing 1~2 a day

#7 Offpeak / hotwater ~4 a night

#13 Net Exported only slowly increasing 0.4kw a day with 5kw solar system ?

#14 dunno increasing 2~3 a day

#43 0

#53 kWh Imported ~35kwh a day

#63 Total Kwh Exported ~27Kwh a day


and whats got me stumped is the manual old school meter that is still in their reads  ~25kwh daily average ? my constant loads are 800w 24/7