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Hi, I have been issued estimated gas bills recently. I'm living in a house with no dogs, gas unit is easy to access. Just curious why could this happen twice (January & April period)?  

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Hello @gong_zizi 


I used to have many of my gas bills estimated in the past.

I fixed it by sending in my own gas readings using the AGL app "or online" once a week and everything has been very good since I have been doing that.

Now I am assuming you have a basic meter like myself due to the estimates.



AGL is not the one who does the meter reading it is the energy Distributor. If AGL do not get a reading sent to them from the energy distributor, they are then forced to estimate your bill which depends on what kind of meter you have. Then AGL will auto correct your bill when they are given an actual meter read by your Energy Distributor.


Easiest way is to send AGL a gas reading every every 2 or 3 weeks I send mine in every week. ( assuming you have a basic meter )


I do not work for AGL and am only trying to help.

Somebody from AGL should get to your post after the weekend




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Hi @gong_zizi, Welcome to neighbourhood.

John-T pretty much nailed it. If they aren't able to access the meter for the scheduled reading, they will send through an estimate to us for billing.  If you've got monthly billing set up for your gas meter, it will result in more estimates as they still only read the meter every quarter, or every two months depending on where you live.

If you need help with providing your read, what i'll do is send you a private message so we can help you out.


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It doesn’t look like they are reading the gas meters anymore. I haven’t had my meter read for about 2 years now. All bills have been estimated. There could be a leak and I would not know till it’s to late

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Hi @Dadon 


Welcome to AGL Neighbourhood!


Gas meters are read every 2 or 3 months depending on which Distributor looks after your property. If there is no clear access to your meter, then we're sent estimated meter read. You can enter your own meter read via AGL My Account or App, any time to ensure that you're billed as per your actual consumption.


I'd be more than happy to look into your account for you and help you further with this. I'll send you a private message to grab your account details from you.


Kind Regards,


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Hi @-Olgi- 


I also found my recent bill has a big increase comparing to previous two months.  It jumps from 30 or 40 dollars to 205 dollars....


I live in a unit with my wife only, is it this normal? Please help thanks

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We have a smart meter and there are no fences animals etc blocking the readings. Previous companies have had no problem reading the meter every month. Why does AGL still estimate ??? We are paying a double now for our utilities and using less.......  just got my gas bill and nearly fell off the chair, so why can`t they  put on staff to do our monthly readings ?? 

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Hi @JasonW,


I'd be more than happy to check your account. I'll send you a private message to get more information from you.




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Still waiting for private message ??

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Hi @Woody-8,


My apologies, I don't believe that I have sent you a private message earlier, my reply was sent to another customer on that thread. I'll be more than happy to check your meter reads as well. 


I'll send you a private message now, so I can assist you further.