Why do I get Estimated bills?

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Hi, I would like to know why I continue to get estimated bills when I get a card requesting a read in the mail, I send it in and still get estimated reads.

Also why your email boxes are too small to accept photos in one go. 

I also have installed a battery so I don't want estimated bills.

Please assist me



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I think your issue could be resolved by solving the reason why you get estimated bills.

This is normally because the meter reader does not have access to the property or the actual meter box.


If it is not possible to give access to the meter, then you should ask AGL to update your meter to a new remotely readable meter.


This will enable your billing to become regular and then you can see on you phone, through the APP or via your Web Account Page, your usage.


I would also presume that the readings that you send in, are the readings that are used on bills? However, as they are not taken by a meter reader then they will classed as Estimated.


I am sure that you check your bills against the readings you supply!


In the case of the photos it is a simple matter to adjust the resolution of your phone to a smaller resolution take the photos and then return back to your original setting.


Most companies have limits on what you can download to them.


If this solves your issue please Resolve this.


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Cheers Neil

Cheers Neil

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