Unexpected High bill

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I'm running a cafe in Melbounre. 


The cafe was selling take away sandwich and coffee. We don't cook in the store as we organize the sandwich from another store. The only way we use gas is the hot water. Normally, we receive the gas bill every two month, which were about $200. As the shop lease finished, we have to disconnect the service. Then, we received a final bill, which was $4680.67, very very shocked.


I tried to call to question this final bill, the answer we received was this is the actual meter read figure. We understand the estimated read and actual read, but that much difference, hard to explain. And at the same time, I was trying to contact the shopping center manager, even the manager said this is unexpected, there should be something wrong for the meter reading. 


So we wish AGL should organize re-read the meter.

AGL Moderator
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Hi @JamesWang999, Welcome to Neighbourhood. I'm going to need to send you a private message so we can take a look at the bill for you! Thanks- Mark.