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I have  just received  my bill  and it said on there that this bill and the last couple of been estimated because of a dog.  The dog is behind a fence and can't get to where the meter is read.  The dog does bark when there are strangers around. 

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Hi @Joant,


Welcome to AGL Neighbourhood. We have seen an increase in health and safety regulations implemented by Distributors who supply your electricity and own and read your meter. Unfortunately we don't have any influence over whether they enter your property. If meter technician has any concerns about a dog being on site, they will not enter. We can update information that we give them to include that dog is behind fence, however it is still going to be at the discretion of the meter reader, whether they feel safe to enter or not.


To ensure that your estimated bills are in line with your usage, you can enter your own meter read by submitting it via My Account or AGL App or by getting in touch with us via one of our platforms on our website. Hope this helps.


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