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We recently found out the duct had completely come off the vent and the under house was being heated not the interior, our heating is only 1year old & this happened last year also. Our gas bill went up but we thought there is nothing we can do about it. It’s happened again in a different place and we’ve had the company out to fix it again. My question is there special consideration when this happens? I know Yarra water has a one off consideration if thing happens out if your control do AGL have something like this?  

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HI Belinda72! 


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That does sound like a very stressful time for you, I am sorry to hear it has happened again. 


Anything that is the house side of the meter is the responsibility of the home owner however we understand how high bills like this can cause financial stress, touch base with our dedicated team on the AGL App or My Account if you would like some assistance. 


Thank you