Solar Export to Grid

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I have existing solar. Meter was changed to a Smart meter six weeks ago, but so far in the Usage section of the AGL Energy web site, there is no mention of energy fed into the grid. In my latest bill, issued 2 weeks ago, energy fed into the grid does appear, with the last date of the feed in being the day before the smart meter was installed.


The smart meter display does show data for register 13 (output to Grid) but this is not reflected in the Usage data on the website, or in the latest bill. 

AGL Moderator
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Hi sol_22,


Welcome to the AGL Community!


There is a brief transition period after your meter is upgraded in which we make the necessary changes to our system so that we're able to provide you with this information. However, this period is usually far shorter than six weeks so I'd like to take a look at this for you!


I'll ask you to send me a quick private message (by clicking my username) with your AGL account number and address.


Kind regards,



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