Smart meter reconfiguration after solar installation

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Hi, I was advised to wait for my smart meter reconfiguration next 10 business days.

Usually, how long should I wait for this job is done? A consultant from my solar installation company advised me that this job can be done remotely, it is simple and easily done. Also, the customer is charged to pay for reconfiguration fee about $20 if this job is done remotely so I can request AGL to be done this job as soon as possible instead of waiting forever unless the site visit is required. Please advise me brief time frame for this job?

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Hi SimonLee! 

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We do need to advise the networks standard time frame on when this is generally completed however, remote reconfigurations can generally be completed within a few days. Once this has been reconfigured for you, you'll receive a SMS confirmation that this has been completed for you successfully. You can also check with our connections team by contact them directly on 1800 680 430 and they'll be able to let you know. 


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