Smart meter data and tariff timezone?

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We have had a smartmeter installed for approx. two weeks, (in South Australia) and have downloaded SAPN data to analyse usage.

According to the document

The data is 5 minute data -as evidenced by the 288 data points per day, but there is no indication of the timing reference for the data. I recall reading somewhere that it is "East coast - Non DST" time.

I translate that as being fixed at UTC+10,and that it is not changed to cater for DST. ??


On this assumption, I have adjusted the time reference for the data such that the first data point is ascribed to 00:30hrs ACDT. (Assuming 1st data point is 00:00AEST = 01:00AEDT = 00:30ACDT).

This matches with the meter display of time - being 30m behind local time.

When I plot the data for the controlled load (Hot Water Service) - I can see that it regularly switches on at 11:50 (And have observed the meter 'click' at about 11:53 to confirm, so I'm pretty happy with this).


Observing the power consumption - I can see that the circuit is energised through to 16:30. (See pic below for plot of average consumption over the 17 odd days data that I have, also a plot of the tariff vs time)


Now the Controlled load Shoulder period is from 9:30am to 3:30pm.

Thus the Controlled load (HWS) is being energised 2hours 20m into the shoulder period, and then being run for 1 Hr into the peak period 15:30 to 16:30. (The morning period similarly runs on an extra hour..)


This does not sound right (it's to my cost that it runs into the Peak period - with which I'm not happy!),

I would like to understand exactly what is happening here.

I'm unsure if the switching of the load is a meter configuration - which could be in error - or if that is controlled by the network? (I've no problem with it not being energised at 09:30 exactly - no need for every HWS in the state to come on at once!!)

Could someone look over this provide a possible explanation - or clarification of something I'm perhaps doing wrong 😁


P.S. I just went out and observed the Meter click off the load at 16:29:58 local ACDT time





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There are a couple of good threads on this currently here, do a quick scan down the posts threads by date to find them.


Yes, it appears data is all in AEST, no choice on the matter, so one has to allow for this if wanting to vigilantly use power in certain cheaper hours.

Not sure if it would change for AEDT, assume it will not, but worth knowing for sure if you can check.


I'm getting a timer put on my HWS shortly, not overly expensive, think they can be (self) programmed to come on (for us here) during good solar hours (say between 0900 and 1600, somewhat shorter hours in winter), and also during the 8c/kwh EV Night Saver time 0000 - 0600, and only as needed.


When this happens, our new CL TOU meter will be defunct, if I turn it onto 'day' setting switch now, it doesn't record on the CL meter.