Smart Meter feeding a Smart Home System in real-time

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The "Download Your Usage Data" files on the "Usage" page gives half hourly readings from recently to two years back.  This is good for manual long-term trend analysis. 

Is there a way to get the current readings quickly, half-hour by half-hour, or quicker?  Can it be done in real-time or near real-time?  Is there an API?

I would like to run a monitoring system that can continually display loads, and even switch loads based on current conditions. (A phone app would not be any use.) 

AGL Moderator
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Hi @veteran,


Welcome to Neighbourhood! Although your smart meter records usage in half hour intervals, data is uploaded in our system usually once a day, depending on your meter network. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to request for this to be done more often than what you're seeing at the moment.


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