Digital meter & solar feed in

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I have just been notified of a pending digital meter change to our property and that there could be a change in the charges. The questions I have are:

1. Our system is 3 phase... will that be an issue?

2. We currently have solar on 2 phases and receive a feed in from both AGL as well as the distributor totaling close to 58c/kwh. Will this still apply?

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Hi @GerryP,


Welcome to AGL Neighbourhood! I will need to check your account first to see why the meter upgrade is being done, I'll send you a private message to grab your account details.


Kind Regards,


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Just as an update and information for anyone else with similar questions, I have resolved as follows:


1. The fact that I have 3 phase is not an issue and the replacement meter will be a straight swap to a new 3 phase smart meter.

2. My overall feed in tariff of 58c consisting of both retailer and Supplier (Government) components will not be changed and remain as is.


So all up, good news.