Request a smart meter

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Would you please advise whether you can ask for a smart meter to be installed or is there a fixed schedule determined by AGL.

AGL Moderator
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Hi mis23, if it is just a standard exchange there is generally no charge for this and we do not require a form to be completed. I would recommend calling the digital metering team on 1300 669 245 and they can review further. 

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Hi Steve,

That's interesting because it was that team I was put through to and who gave me the information I posted in my question. Seems like the team needs some further training because quiet a number of people are being told the same thing.


I will call again and see what response I get this time.

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So I just called them back and was told that because I am in Victoria my electrician does need to fill out the EWR form and there is a cost involved. So confusing

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i am going to put solar panels up on the roof shortly and i need to get a smart meter supplied and fitted is there a cost involved and who do i apply to