New Smart Meter - Usage data incorrect

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Hi, I just had a smart meter installed and now I can see daily usage info in the AGL app.

However the usage numbers in the app are not correct, it’s like they are for a completely different address.

I also have a fronius smart meter that monitors my usage, so I know how much I’m using.

I compared the fronius data to the meter numbers and they are all correct.


But the numbers in the AGL app are very different. I fear the bill is calculated based on the app numbers, which would be very wrong.


For example, on the 18th of March, fronius reports 28.3 kw exported and 5.9kw imported.

AGL app says 8.3kw exported and 17.1kw imported.

Which in terms of dollars I would expect a credit of $2.61, but the app says it’s a debit of $2.94 for the day.


I also upload all my data to PVOutput for easy monitoring.

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How did this get resolved? I am experiencing the same problem ...

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It resolved itself after the first billing period.

The first bill was correct and from then on the usage reported is accurate.

I think for the initial period it is just dummy data.