Faulty Gas Meter

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Our meter seems to be faulty. We were contacted by AusNet early in the year to say our meter was needing replacement due to its age. They replaced the meter with a brand new one in July. I submit out meter read to AGL every month. Last month the meter read was 00000062. When I submitted our meter read last night the number was 00101822, which forecast our bill to be approximately $1,400.00 for the month. Our bill has rarely been over $100 a month for the 5+ years we have rented the property. When I checked the meter this morning, the read was 00102350.
I spent an hour last night in contact with AGL who guided me toward calling AusNet. I rang AusNet first thing this morning and they stated it wasn't their issue and to recall AGL or our Estate Agent. I called AGL again and spent an hour on the phone to them and all they suggested is that we call our agent so that a plumber can be sent out to inspect the gas meter. 
There is no smell of gas that we can smell anywhere and the meter was ticking over this morning when the hot water unit and gas stove was not in use. 
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Different models of gas meters need to be read differently which can lead to these sorts of very justifiable concerns. It may be worth reaffirming that you're reading your meter correctly before going down the path of a plumber. You can find more information here.


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