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Hello Everyone,

I’ve been recently reading on social media about higher utility bills generated suddenly running into several hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and that one major reason could be because providers don’t take actual meter readings but an estimate. When an actual meter reading is taken, it could be much higher bill because of lower estimates than actual usage over a period of time. 

So in my case, starting this month, I want to input meter reads on AGL app every month after knowing this. But, I’ve realised that I've moved to my current unit about 5 months ago. I’ve checked my initial bill after moving into this address and that bill is also based on an estimate but not on actual meter readings . So I'm afraid that if I do enter meter read now, any higher usage by previous tenant may be passed over to me. So is AGL not supposed to take actual meter read when my new connection started? If I had been aware of these things earlier then I would have checked the meter read on the day of my move in and entered it on the app. Please clarify.

Appreciate your assistance.


AGL Moderator
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Hi Kalyan - thank you for reaching out.


Meter readings are taken regularly every three months, and at move-in/move-out, unless there is an access issue.


If you are receiving monthly billing, this means that 2 bills out of three will be based on an estimate, with the third being a catch-up, either higher or lower depending on whether usage had been under or over estimated.

If you would prefer to only receive bills based on actual reads, you can adjust your billing frequency to quarterly, either on the AGL app or via MyAccount (at so your invoices are only issued once the quarterly read has been taken.

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