Install of smart export/import meter for new Solar System

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Dear AGL,
AGL seem to use Vector AMS to install smart export/import meters and we had a meter install person visit on Friday 11th Dec.
This person from Vector said they could not safely complete the install due to residual / induced current.
The meter box has 3 digital meters for the 3 units of [address removed].
The person said they would raise with SA Power Networks .. but he also asked that we call SA Power Networks.

We called SA Power Networks yesterday and they visited the premises.

SA Power Networks said they had not had any job/task raised by AGL for our address.

SA Power Networks said there was no faults and that residual / induced current was not at an unsafe level to work on.

SA Power Networks said AGL need to contact them to arrange a power outage for all 3 units, with 4 days advance notice, if concerned by residual current. SA Power Networks are the organization that arranges outages.

We have called AGL 3 times yesterday to discuss and hope that the import/export meter install task is underway again?  
AGL Account Ref : [account number removed]
kind regards, Allan

AGL Moderator
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Hi Allan! 


Certainly sounds like you have had a difficult time getting this sorted. 


I would recommend touching base with our Resolutions team via the AGL App to get an update. 

Thank you 


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Thanks Ellen

Yes - we have a new date for AGL smart meter install in conjunction with SA Power Networks issue of an outage notice to all 3 units.
New install date being 7th January.
Am guessing with the Solar rebate about to drop by $600 there might be lots of these types of requests coming through.

We have our Solar system switched off until after the smart meter install now.

The installer did advise to do this but only in Welcome pack doco 8 days after install and unit left on which I then didn't fully read for another week and half .. 
So we ran our Solar system for 22 days before turning it off.
Given SA meters can register power produced as power consumed, I have written to AGL to ask them to consider.

I will try installing the AGL app on my phone. I wasn't aware there was an AGL app until now.

kind regards, thanks, Allan.