How do I read this type of Gas Meter?

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Hi Guys,


I don't quite know how to read this Gas Meter. I'm in Vic and it's an 'Email Westinhouse' Meter.



Would I be right in saying that the reading is: 373.3 Cubic Meters?







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Hi @wesky . You can ignore the dial on this meter. The read would just be 73.3.



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Cheers David,


To convert 73.3 Cubic Meters to Megajoules, do I multiple it by 38.61? I seem to read different answers, sometimes asking me to convert to Cubic Feet first.


I'm just trying to work out how to get this into 73.3m3 into MJ so I can apply the Heating Value and Pressure Factor and workout how much I've spent on Gas.


I believe my previous readings/esitmates may be incorrect but before I speak to my previous provider, I want to ensure I understand the metholodogy correctly.


Currently, I'm estimating a $5000 Gas bill but I'm sure I'm wrong.


Thanks again

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This guide should help  you convert cubic meters to megajoules:


Basically, you'll be finding the difference between the start and end read on your meter to see out how many cubic meters of gas you've used, and then multiplying that number by heating value and pressure factor. Those can vary, but you'll find them listed on your bill.


If you see any big discrepancies or have any concerns, don't hesitate to get in touch with customer service