Off-Peak working sporadically

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I've got a museum ready off-peak meter that seems to not be turning on consistently.  I'm able to track it after installing a whole-house energy meter that clamps around the incoming power lines.  I can see a 3.5kw or so draw when it's working, but see days where it's not showing any draw, and those are the days the hot water is not so hot, or non-existent.  It seems to me an intermittent failure in the heating element or temperature sensor is unlikely the culprit.  Is there any way to get the meter itself tested?  My understanding is it's activated by the power company injecting a control signal into the power feed to activate and deactivate it?

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @IceWeasel. Based on that description it does sound like the meter may be on its last legs! To arrange to get it tested, you should get in touch with AGL customer service, either by phone or chat or by message on your My Account page or via the AGL app. They'll advice on next steps, which might mean getting in touch with your local distribution company to organize a test.