How can I disconnect my Electricity from my Retail Store

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I am closing a retail store and I need to disconnect the electricity and gas.

We are vacating on the 21.02.2019

AGL Moderator
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Hi Dean,


Thank you for getting in touch!


We're more than happy to help you arrange this, however we won't be able to do this directly through the Community I'm sorry to say. I'll ask that you get in touch with our web chat team here for further assistance.


In the meantime, you'll note that I've removed some personal details from your in the interest of your own privacy as this is a public forum!





If I’ve helped in anyway, please mark my post as SOLVED!

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I want disconnect my gas serves for some reason pls disconnected my agl service for some time

AGL Moderator
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Hi Gurwinder89birr!


Welcome to AGL Community! 


You can organise your disconnection by getting in touch with us on your AGL My Account here or you can see the other ways you can get in touch with us here


Kind regards,