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The gas pressure at my home is having some issues. The kitchen stove gas pressure and the hot water system gas pressure is weak so we are not getting hot water. This has been happening for 1 month now and it’s been quite annoying. Would greatly appreciate your help with this.

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Hi @usujeong,


Welcome to AGL Neighbourhood! I'll send you a private message to grab your account details, so I can help with this.


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Hi, just a quick note here.

On Gas and Electricity bills it lists you Supplier.

A supplier is the company that supplies the gas/electricity to your residence.


In the event of issues with supply you should contact the supplier in the first instance as your Retailer is not responsible for any supply issues unless they have issued a cut off order to the supplier.


Ringing AGL at midnight is not going to help you get Gas or Electricity restored.

Cheers Neil

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Thanks for solving my problem.

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I am wanting to change over my gas heater to a new one being an instant unit and require my gas fitting to be upgraded to a higher pressure. can I have a tech attend to this as soon as posssible my plumber wishes to install the new unit next tuesday 28th May.

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Hi petermurphy,


Thank you for reaching out.


If you wish to upgrade your gas pressure, please contact our new connections team on 1800 680 430 so we can assist you.


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