Gas hot water meter

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I am being charged for estimated gas hot water usage in Victoria.

I have contacted agl for review. No response. My OC manager has contacted agl. Still no response.

I cannot find any meter for my unit or any other unit in the block.

i am worried that agl still get debt collectors when they do nothing about disputes.

next stop consumer affairs it looks like.

 Verybad service 

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Further to my previous post. 
I see someone else was suggested to send a meter reading. I don’t even have the opportunity to do this as agl took over my previous gas account with click. My account only allows me to enter a meter reading for the ordinary gas meter.

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @DMitch ,

As this relates to your specific account we unfortunately won't be able to address it through this public community. 

Which channel did you contact AGL through previously? If you log in to your My Account page or the AGL app, you'll be able to hit the Message (💬) button to get in touch with an agent. Alternately you can get in touch by phone or live web chat.